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Most people have their mindset on which siding is best, but wood, vinyl and metal sidings each have distinct advantages that may depend on the location and lifestyle of the homeowner. They have different maintenance routines, different initial costs, and different life expectancies. They each have distinct appearances that help set the tone of your home according to personal preference. They can be mixed and matched as needed to suit the needs of different parts of your home.


Wood siding can take the form of interlocking boards or shingles. Whether using cedar or exotic woods, wood siding repels bugs and presents a distinct appearance. Wood siding requires regular maintenance and refinishing, but is durable and will provide a touch of class through generations when properly cared for. Real wood is worth the expense as it holds its value and increases the worth of the home. It ages gracefully and often becomes more valuable as time goes by.


Vinyl siding is perhaps the most economical of options in the long term. It protects and insulates the house while requiring little to no maintenance. A quick run with a pressure washer typically restores vinyl siding to a brand new appearance; if that maintenance is skipped the house only looks dirty until it is performed. In the meantime, the structural function of the siding continues to perform and protect the home from the elements.


Metal siding has the advantage of holding its appearance over years. It’s hard to damage, easy to repair, and generally keeps the weather from damaging the structure of the home. Metal siding is available in any color to suit the tastes of the homeowner and can be painted if the choice should ever change. Should you ever choose to change the exterior of your home with renovations, metal siding is recyclable and eco-friendly.


As with all construction projects, the idea is to consider what will work best and look best. Allow one of our representatives at All American Roofing and Restoration to extend our experience to you and help plan your next project. Then our team can design and build the new exterior for your home that you will love for years to come.

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