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Some houses suffer extensive damage due to numerous factors that sometimes come with storms. There are houses that suffer from water damage due to floods, holes in the roof that let the rain in, and even broken pipes. Some houses may also suffer from fire damage if wires get shorted due to the presence of water or when a house gets hit by lightning. You can also expect roof shingles, and even entire roofs, flying off due to the wind, which means that you suffered from wind damage.

Whatever the reason may be, home restoration after a storm can be very taxing and can take a long time to finish. Finding the right contractor to do the job is necessary in order to get the repairs done properly and for you to be able to avoid escalating costs during these repairs. Our home restoration experts actually specialize in storm damage repair and can be asked to help with filing claims and estimating the amount needed for such repairs.

Before you approach your insurance agent with your repair estimates, however, it might help to check if your policy does in fact cover storm damage repair. Once you ascertain that you are indeed covered, our home restoration experts can actually step in and do all the contacting and negotiating for you. They will also inform you if your policy does not cover some of the repairs that are needed so you will know what parts of the repair process you need to shell out money for.
Storm damage repair experts here at All American Roofing and Restoration LLC tell our clients what kinds of repairs are needed, how long the home restoration project will take and what to expect during the process. They will also be given options when it comes to choosing the materials that are to be used for replacing damaged items inside and outside their homes, and whether or not certain replacement options will cost more than others. In other words, you will be told what to expect with your home restoration project every step of the way.

You will also be told whether or not there are repairs that need to be made outside of what can be considered part of the damage brought about by the storm. Such repairs may not be included in your claims and you may choose to have these repaired as well, at extra cost to yourself. You can also choose to not have these fixed together with your storm damage repair work.