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Storm Damage Repair

Some houses suffer extensive damage due to numerous factors that come with storms. There are houses that suffer from water damage due to floods, holes in the roof that let the rain in, and even broken pipes. Some houses may also suffer from fire damage if wires get shorted due to the presence of water or when a house gets hit by lightning. You can also expect roof shingles, and even entire roofs, flying off due to the wind.

Hail Damage

Hail can wreak havoc on your home’s roof, siding and air conditioning units. After a hail storm, it is important that you look for any roof damage, because it can leave your home vulnerable to leaks and other problems. In fact, hail can dent or otherwise damage your roof vents and exhaust caps as well as fracturing roofing shingles

Water Damage

Whether it’s a busted pipe, a heavy rain, or another problem, standing water in your home can quickly turn into a nightmare. Water can cause structural damage if allowed to sit and soak into the walls and flooring. It can also lead to a totally different, yet arguably more complicated problem – mold.

It’s really important to get any type of water loss in your home cleaned up quickly and correctly. If you’re in need of water damage clean up, look no further than All American Roofing and Restoration, LLC.


Many home owners believe that the only wind damage their properties experience is damage they can see. However, wind can cause many problems with a roof that aren’t immediately visible.

The most obvious sign of the need for wind damage repair is shingles blown off due to the sheer force of the wind. However, damage can occur under shingles. Structural damage can decrease the life of a roof and make it prone to leaking and further damage.


You never think about a tree falling on your home, but if you find yourself in that situation, All American Roofing and Restoration is here to help. We recommend calling your insurance company right away so that all emergency repairs are covered and are not an out-of-pocket expense to you, the homeowner. After you’ve talked to your insurance company give us a call and we will come assess the damage and complete any emergency repairs to help prevent further damage.

Insurance Claim

The volatile climate here in Minnesota can wreak havoc on your home. High winds can rip your siding off, which exposes your home to the harsh elements. Damage from hail can destroy your home’s shingles allowing water and ice to seep through the surface and enter your home. If a tornado makes its way through, your home may suffer serious structural damage that makes it unlivable. These are just a few of the reasons that it is important to file your Storm damage insurance claim early. Filing early will ensure that you receive compensation for your covered damages quicker.

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