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Cedar Siding Contractor

Cedar Siding Contractor

All American Roofing and Restoration is a cedar siding contractor in the Minneapolis area.

Cedar siding installation can be a beautiful, long lasting choice for your home. Cedar is preserved by its own natural ingredients, it is aromatic, and it has insulating properties that may not be found in other siding materials.

According to the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) cedar is an all-weather material that is just as home in the heat, cold, rain and sun. Cedar has a natural resistance to decay, insect damage, and moisture, making it a great material for siding. Perhaps the best thing about cedar siding is that it is distinctive. Perhaps more-so than any other siding material cedar siding makes a statement about those living inside.

Should you consider cedar siding installation on your own versus hiring a cedar siding contractor?

Let’s take a quick look at what is involved in order to just get ready for installation.

Choices – You’ll need to research about what type of cedar siding may work best for your home. There’s bevel siding, lap siding, tongue and groove and board and batten.
Materials List – Once you select the type of cedar siding, you’ll need to compute the materials necessary for the job.
Preparing the Siding – You’ll want to first acclimate your siding to the conditions be installation. Once acclimated, you should prime all surfaces.
Prepare the Surface – The type of siding chosen and your present surface can offer a variety of challenges to the installation of your cedar siding. Make sure you choose the correct lumber size and spacing for the blocking and furring that may be involved.

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Of course this doesn’t include the actual installation or the details involved in getting a smooth fit on the inside and outside corners and field joints. Now, think about mitering all the outside corner boards for a really smooth look and it may have you considering an experience cedar siding contractor!

When you factor in the cost of this beautiful material, it is probably well worth your while to consult a cedar siding contractor that can add value, warmth and beauty to your home…if it is installed properly.

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