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When harsh weather conditions cause severe damage to your roof and you need the immediate service of expert roofing contractors, Minnesota roofing professionals not only bring their knowledge of roof materials and repair techniques but also a meteorologist’s understanding of how the weather impacts your roof.

Snow, ice and subzero temperatures accelerate the gradual erosion of your home’s shingles as well as promote certain conditions prevalent during the coldest months of the year. Ice damming is one of these conditions that occurs when snow on the roof melts because attic temperatures are above 32 degrees. As this melted snow drips down over the roof and reaches cold eavespouting, it naturally refreezes if the outside temperature is below freezing.
Repetition of this melt-freeze cycle creates an “ice-dam” that forces water to pool and develop into large “ponds”. During warmer temperatures, this excessive puddling will leak into walls, the attic and possibly damage areas that are already compromised. Ice dams generally form when temperatures remain between 20 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit for more than two or three days and your roof is already holding several inches of snow.

Just as formidable as blizzards, Minnesota thunderstorms are famous for producing damaging hail that can erode shingles and diminish your roof’s ability to shed water. Tree branches and flying debris propelled by strong thunderstorms may rub and scrape against shingles forcefully enough to loosen them and promote water damage.

Roofing professionals working in Minnesota are well aware of what to look for in regards to weather-related damage during an inspection of your roof. Maintaining your roof in the best shape possible all year long will help you avoid expensive roof repairs as well as costly interior water damage.

Apartment Complex Roofer

We understand that as an apartment complex owner, cash flow is the name of your business, and you can’t be set back by overpriced projects. All American Restoration LLC has years of experience providing apartment roofing solutions and can install your new roof, or repair your existing on time and on budget. Call today for a free estimate.