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When you have a hail damaged roof, one of the things you need to do is to assess the damage that was done to your roof. You cannot easily see the full extent of the damage from the ground, so you will need to get your ladder out to check. If you are not sure how to check your roof for damage brought about by hail, you may need to call in a Hail Damage Repair specialist to assess the damage for you.
The bigger the hail, the more extensive the damage can be. Wind direction, duration of the hail storm and even wind speed are also factors that may dictate whether or not your roof will suffer extensive damage from hail. Another factor that will have an impact on your roof being damaged by hail storms is the type of roofing you may have. Roofs that are made with shingles seem to be the most common roofing choice of people in Minnesota, and as such, these also seem to be the kind of roofing that suffers a lot of damage from hail storms. The type of shingle you use, and how old these are may also determine how extensive the damage to your roof may be.

A hail damaged roof can be easily repaired by our Hail Damage Repair Specialist. Our people can be called in to check your roof for hail damage, should you suspect that your roof was indeed damaged by hail. Some hail storms may seem rather insignificant to you and may seem to not bring any damage to your roof. Damage that some hail storms bring to your roofing may not be noticeable at the start but, in time and due to changing weather, small nicks and chips may increase in size.

After a hail storm, you should try to check your roof for any damage. If you see small nicks and dents on your roof, or if you actually see slow drips and water stains inside your home, then your roof has indeed suffered some damage. You should contact your insurance agent once you are certain that you do have a hail damaged roof.

Before contacting your insurance agent, you should first get in touch with All American Roofing and Restoration LLC so we can help assess what kind of repair your roof needs. Once you have the details of the damage, you can call your agent. We can also contact your insurance adjuster for you, if you feel that we should be the ones to talk to them about these repairs. We should be able to come up with the right estimate for repairing your hail damaged roof and be able to get your roof fixed soonest.

As expert roofing contractors, we will include any damage done not only to your roofing shingles, but also to sidings, fascia and gutters. We will make repair recommendations and, if necessary, recommend that you get a new roof due to the extent of the damage sustained from the hail storm.