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Hail, one of Mother Nature’s wonders, is a serious threat to your home. These “ice balls” can do significant damage to your home during a hailstorm, including a hail damaged roof. However, hail damage can get worse if you delay roofing repairs, like many homeowners who try to save on repair costs..

A Hail Damaged Roof Can Damage Shingles

The shingles on your roof form an elaborate system that protects you from moisture. Installed at an angle and sealed to repel moisture, your shingles are one of many barriers safeguarding your home. However, when hail strikes your roof, these dense, high-velocity balls of ice can displace your shingles. Once a shingle is displaced, the seal is broken, and water could get into your home. If you ignore this repair, the leaking roof could cause mold to grow in your home, creating more problems.

A Hail Damaged Roof Allows Warm Air to Escape

A missing or cracked shingle isn’t just a problem when it comes to keeping water out. If a shingle is no longer on your roof, then it can’t prevent your warm air from escaping from the roof of your home. As the warm air leaves, you’ll find cool air will quickly replace it and make your home feel drafty. Due to this, you’ll have to use more heat than usual to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

What to Do If You Suspect Your Roof Is Damaged by Hail

When it comes to hail damage, obviously, ignoring it isn’t an option. The sooner you take action, the less damage you’ll have to contend with once you finally get it fixed. We recommend the following steps to ensure your roof is in good shape.

·         Step 1. Call a professional roofing contractor like our team at All American Restoration.

·         Step 2. Allow us to examine your roof for potential problems.

·         Step 3. Call your home insurance company and file a claim.

·         Step 4. Allow our team to begin working on your roof as soon as possible.

We will work with your home insurance company to ensure that all necessary repairs are fixed. We’ll also take measures to reduce the impact hail has on your roof in the future, including sealing your roof.

At All American Roofing and Restoration, we are here to help. We make sure our customers have a quality roof at a competitive price. Our experience helps us install high-quality roofs without breaking the budget. Before winter is officially here, give us a call today so that we can make sure your roof can endure the severe weather of winter.

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