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If you’re like most homeowners, you depend heavily on your home to provide you with shelter. Not only does this mean that you count on it to give you a comfortable place to come home to each evening but it also does so during inclement weather. There are certain types of damage that can result from storms that you need to be particularly aware of so you can take steps to address it, if needed. Storm Damage

Wind Damage

The wind, a potentially strong force of nature, is capable of ripping shingles and siding from your house and exposing the bare frame to the elements. In order to prevent further damage, you need a repair company that is both reliable and timely to fix the damage quickly and thoroughly.

Water Damage

Often the result of wind damage that has allowed water to enter your home, this type of damage requires quick action to curb the potential for any further problems. This includes mold, mildew and rot.

Flooding Damage

Whether the flooding is the result of rising water levels that lead to flooding in your home or it occurred because the water damaged your home after a leak that got out of control, it is important to address flooding damage as soon as possible. You need to contact a trusted company that has specific experience in treating damage caused by flooding. Due to the potential for continued damage caused by the relentless effects of water, timeliness is a crucial factor in addressing storm damage. The sooner you are able to find the right company to come out and assess the damage, the sooner you can live within the comfort of your home once more.

Hail Damage

It might seem like hail is not much of a concern but large hail or repeated exposure to small hail can result in excessive damage to the exterior materials of your home. While you might think that this is only a matter of returning your home to its former good looks, in reality your exterior materials are serving as a protection against nature’s fury. Not fixing damage from hail promptly could result in moisture and insects being able to enter your home through the compromised areas and lead to further problems.

All American Restoration is your go-to company when you need experienced and reliable help with storm damage. Contact them today to learn more.

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