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Flood Damage Repair

The amount of destruction that an excessive amount of water can do to a home or business is costly, considerable and, for the most part, irreversible, especially when standing water is allowed to remain in a building for an extended period. Expediting flood damage cleanup by enlisting the assistance of professional technicians with access to flood damage repair equipment will not only save most of your belongings but also prevent mold, mildew and the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria from possibly sickening you and your family. Moreover, the air quality of a flooded home can be detrimentally affected by persistently high humidity, which acts to promote the growth of disease-causing microorganisms and increase the likelihood of respiratory ailments.

Equipment used in the flood damage clean-up process is capable of extracting gallons of water from carpets and furniture and drying them with high-powered ventilation devices. Dehumidifiers further help to accelerate the reduction of humidity levels by removing moisture from floors and walls that have been saturated with flood waters. Another attachment called an “inject dry” device dries areas that are hard to reach, such as under cabinets, bathroom vanities, and crawlspaces where undetected moisture can lead to wood rot, mildew and unhealthy air issues. Following a flood damage clean-up project, technicians will then use an infrared thermal camera to detect the presence of any dampness that may be remaining in the home.

Whether caused by a natural flooding event, broken pipes, septic tank problems or other water-related disasters, flood damage repair needs to be initiated as quickly as possible. Call All American Roofing and Restoration LLC for a quote concerning excessive water cleanup in your home or business today.