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If you’ve ever noticed a house or building with cedar siding and roofing shingles, you understand how beautiful cedar is as a building material. Were you also aware it’s a natural insect repellent with weather resistance matched by few other woods which makes it a great material structurally as well as cosmetically for the exterior of your home. With regularly scheduled maintenance, cedar will last as long (if not longer) than other materials and can in fact look even better as it ages.

Cedar Lumber

The cedar tree, being an evergreen, produces what is technically termed “soft wood” lumber. As such, it is lightweight and easy to work when compared to other types. Don’t let those properties fool you, cedar is strong and durable as well with a beautiful tight grain pattern that helps it to hold its shape regardless of the weather exposure it receives. These properties make it ideal for use on building exteriors for both aesthetics and structural integrity.


Cedar siding requires a bit of preparation and planning before installation. It’s available in different sizes, with or without cut patterns, and different systems of layering whether as an overlap, tapered overlap, backcut overlap, or tongue and groove. It’s important to look at samples of each as provided by your contractor along with professional advice as to which may work best with your home’s distinct overall design.


Cedar roofing is a great way to make your building stand out from the rest with an interesting architectural detail that will continue to look great over the years. As an immediate expense, cedar shingles are more expensive than the more modular asphalt shingles, but with regular maintenance can prove to be a great long term investment that holds its value should you decide to sell the home. The need for maintenance can’t be stressed enough, as cedar is a natural wood. It has great weather resistant properties, but still needs finish to hold true and should individual shingles become cracked or damaged they need to be replaced to assure the integrity of the overall roof system.

Discuss your options with All American Roofing and Restoration, who specializes in cedar siding and roofing, to decide if it may be an appropriate material for your home situation. Rest assured, if you decide cedar is an investment you want to make it’s a material you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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