Asphalt Shingles Roof Repair MN

All American Roofing and Restoration is your asphalt shingles roof repair expert!

When you need immediate replacement of your home’s asphalt shingles, Minnesota roofing contractors will install your new roof using organic or fiberglass shingles. Constructed of paper by-products that have been coated with waterproofing asphalt, organic shingles are supplemented with a glaze of asphalt adhesive enhanced with finely ground ceramic particles. Homeowners can also purchase organic shingles that are made algae-resistant due the integration of leachable paint formulated to prevent algae growth and discoloration.

Alternatively, fiberglass shingles contain UFR (urea-formaldehyde resin) as well as a coating of asphalt that incorporates special, waterproofing minerals to facilitate the run-off of rain water. Shingle replacement with fiberglass shingles also provides homeowners with additional fire protection, since these shingles generally offer a class A fire rating. Originally, reinforcement of shingles with fiberglass was implemented to replace dangerous asbestos that was once used routinely in making shingles. When the harmful effects of asbestos was discovered, researchers quickly invented basic fiberglass and have since been rapidly improving on the durability and versatility of fiberglass shingles .

When determining the condition of their home’s asphalt shingles Minnesota residents should be aware that the excessive amount of ice, snow and frigid temperatures characterizing a typical Minnesota winter will exact huge amounts of stress on a roof and expedite the deterioration of a roof. Staying proactive when it comes to keeping your home in top condition can prevent expensive water and possibly structural damage from occurring to your home. Call All American Roofing and Restoration LLC today to begin planning the installation of a new asphalt roof or asphalt shingles roof repair service before another Minnesota winter threatens the integrity of your home.