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As with everything else in your house, eventually the roof can wear out to an irreparable status and needs to be fully replaced. If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t look forward to the day this happens. However, there is a bright side to the situation. You can change the roof color and the appearance of the outside of your home, or you can upgrade the roofing material. Upgrades can be made for increased durability, an eco-friendly aspect, or simply for cosmetic appeal according to your needs and desires. Residential Roof Replacement is necessary.

Traditional and Modern Asphalt Shingles

Traditional asphalt shingles have been the paradigm of roofing materials in America throughout the 20th century. They are still the most common material used because of their value and durability, but have come a long way in terms of their structure and the options available. Different shapes and patterns are available to simulate other types of roofs, and there is a wide variety of color options. Further, they can come in different thicknesses to affect how long the warranty will last.

The typical shingles you think of as asphalt are made of fiberglass and covered with asphalt along with finely ground ceramic chunks. Further, the use of UFR (urea-formaldehyde resin) can help the water drain more efficiently while adding additional resistance against fire. Optionally, organic material filled with leachable paint can be used instead of fiberglass, and is especially resistant to algae.

Cedar Shakes

This is a timeless roofing material that adds the cosmetic appeal of a natural grace to your home. Cedar is inherently weather resistant, bug proof, and structurally strong, making it a good material for any outdoor project. For roofing, cedar is split along the grain to make small shingles. The shingles overlap in a system during installation which builds a waterproof barrier to protect your home as water is forced down the roof into the gutter. Cedar does require some maintenance in the form of a protecting sealant coating every few years to add additional weather proofing and color tones to the natural wood.

Ultimately, the decision for residential roofing materials comes down to the preference of the homeowner. For an investment property or a home where you plan to move before very long, you may want to make an economical choice. Otherwise, you may choose based on whether you want a longer term investment or sheer beauty, and of course you’ll want to consider your local weather and the recommendation of your roofing contractor.

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