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Flood loss and damage can be heart wrenching. The home itself is replaceable or repairable, as is much of the furniture and decorative items. That’s why you have insurance. The process may be painful and time consuming, but the house will be fixed. Unfortunately, there are irreplaceable memories in the home as well. A professional contractor who specializes in storm damage is aware of the situation and not only does a great job repairing the house, but considers the pain you’re going though and assures the process goes as smoothly as possible while you recover and move on with your life.

Professional Courtesy

Courtesy can be as simple as showing an understanding of your flood loss and showing the experience of having worked with similar situations in the past. Maintaining a positive attitude while describing the work to be done can go a long way toward relieving a devastated homeowner. There are things that can be done on the job that also help show a sense of understanding. Trying to salvage what may be sentimental items rather than trashing them and billing the insurance company and making repairs to make the house identical as to before the disaster show a professionalism and helps the homeowner find closure while recovering emotionally from the disaster.

Professional Work

Professional work when dealing with a damaged house involves a quick reaction and scheduling to have the repairs finished on time without making an additional bother to the homeowner. This may include experience dealing with the insurance company for quick approvals on the work to be performed. An experienced local contractor also has a relationship with the building inspector and knowledge of building codes to do the work right the first time, saving time and getting the family moved back into their home.

Professional Sympathy

Professional sympathy means our team at All American Roofing and Restoration, LLCunderstands what your family is going through in your time of crisis and we understand different people deal with the flood loss in different ways. We can handle the job on our own and let you know when it’s time to move back into your house, or you can participate in the process by receiving regular reports about the job’s progress while we make the necessary repairs. We’ll be happy to address any concerns you have to assure the home and make sure you remain as comfortable as possible while we recover your house to your standards.

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