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Minnesota weather can be a big challenge for homeowners. Between the hail and rain of summer and the snow and ice of winter, your home is under nearly constant siege. One common way to deal with rainwater is to add gutter to your roof line to redirect the flow away from your house. These are so common that you may not even notice them, but residential roofers will tell you that they’re a mixed bag that can do more harm than good if not considered carefully.

Should you stick with your gutters? Consider the pros and cons:

The Benefits of Rain Gutters

Rain gutter can help protect your home from water damage in several places. They help shed water away from your home’s foundation by directing the water through downspouts instead of allowing it to puddle and seep into your basement. Also protect landscape planting from being crushed by waterfalls during storms. They also keep your siding clean and dry by preventing splash back that gets them muddy — or worse, allows moisture to foment the growth of mold and mildew.

The Drawbacks of Rain Gutters

While gutters are useful in the summer, they can be a big problem in the autumn and winter. When gutters become filled with falling leaves, they can clog and cause rainwater to back up. When temperatures drop, that water can freeze and cause your gutters to rupture. Gutters are also a major cause of ice dams, which cause melting snow to back up and refreeze on the edge of your roof instead of draining freely. Ice dams can force water up under your roof, where it can cause serious damage to your roof and interior walls.

Get an Expert Opinion

In an area like Minneapolis that gets hit with heavy rains and snow, deciding whether or not to keep gutters on your roof can be tough. Your decision will be affected by the pitch of your roof, your landscaping needs and your foundation type, among other considerations. It’s a good idea to call a roofing contractor for an expert opinion to make the best decision for your property. All American Roofing and Restoration is happy to offer advice and free estimates for all of your home’s roofing needs, so give them a call for help deciding whether your gutters are worth keeping.

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