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If a damaging storm comes through your neighborhood, you’ll have to be careful of more than felled trees and swirling debris. You’ll need to make repairs to your home, but with the throng of salesmen out there, making a decision can be difficult. Here are some tips to make your home’s repairs as worry-free as possible.

Beware the itinerant salesman

After a storm hits your neighborhood, the streets will be full of more than tree branches and other debris. You’ll see throngs of out-of-state salesmen going door to door, looking to convince homeowners that their services are the best. Not all of these companies are disreputable. However, the Better Business Bureau often hears stories of scams. “In the wake of a storm, fly-by-night operators often try to take money from victims, supposedly to buy home repair materials, then leave town, never to be seen again,” says Steve Abel, President of the Better Business Bureau. “Never pay for a job upfront; never sign anything until you are ready to hire a contractor, read and get a copy of anything you do sign.”

Choose a trusted contractor

If you have a trusted, locally-based contractor, contact them first. Local businesses are much more invested in our communities, and therefore they oftentimes put more care into a job. Plus, an out-of-state contractor is much harder to track down if you need repairs or have questions.

Ignore “today only” deals. A reputable roofing company will never pressure you into buying a new roof. A common high-pressure technique is the “good for today only” offer.

Look for a marked company truck. Any company that shows up in an unmarked vehicle should be eyed with suspicion.

Nobody wants to incur storm damage. But if you do, follow these tips for after the storm and your repairs should go smoothly.

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