Hail Damaged Siding Repair

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Hail damage is just one of the many unpleasant surprises that severe weather can bring. Not only can it damage your cars, crops and roof shingles, it can also do a number on your siding. In the aftermath of a particularly ferocious hail-filled storm, chances are you’ll need a reliable and long-lasting hail damaged siding replacement.

The effects of hail damage depend largely on the type of siding and its age. While relatively new siding can bounce back from the effects of moderate hail, older siding can develop pits and cracks. Cracks are usually prevalent along the bottom of the wall since the eaves shield the top of the wall. However, powerful winds can easily change direction and bring hail damage to other areas.

A hailstone that’s 1.25 inches in diameter or greater and driven by strong winds can easily punch through vinyl siding and put deep dents in aluminum and steel siding. Even hailstones smaller than 1.25 inches can leave small pits and dents in your siding, some being barely noticeable until the siding itself is closely inspected. In cases of severe damage, hail damaged siding replacement is an absolute necessity.

As your reliable Hail Damaged Siding Repair contractor, All American Roofing and Restoration LLC can help return your home to its original appearance with high quality aluminum and vinyl siding. We can even help you take care of the insurance claims so you can repair your home as soon as possible. Feel free to request a quote or contact us for more information on your hail damaged siding replacement options.