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Winter is approaching for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, making this the ideal time to think about saving on your utility bills. Switching the exterior material of your home from what you currently use to vinyl siding can help you save on your future utility bills. This savings can also help the installation and cost of the vinyl siding pay for itself in the amount of money that you save. Additionally, your home will be more attractive to home buyers and its value will increase.

Dual Layer Construction Helps Seal in Energy

Vinyl siding is constructed of two, distinct layers. The top layer — or capstock —  is formulated with titanium dioxide to protect against the effects of UV rays such as wear and fading. The bottom layer, also known as the substrate, is made of limestone and designed for strength and durability. Because of this double layer of construction, the heat is blocked from escaping from your home. Choosing a lighter color or shade of vinyl siding can help block chilly winter winds during the winter months and deflect the summertime heat.

Insulated and Standard Options

Standard vinyl siding is often the ideal exterior material for a newer home. Choosing this type helps support your home’s already energy-efficient construction so that it lasts longer and does the job more effectively. For an older home, insulated vinyl siding can significantly improve its energy efficiency by providing a seamless barrier between the home and the outside elements.

Moisture Resistant Means Lower Energy Bills

Too much moisture in your home during the winter months can make it damp and uncomfortable, prompting you to push the thermometer up higher. Adding new insulation only solves half the problem. Ensuring that your insulation is fully covered and protected from the wind, driving rain and snow means that moisture has no way to enter your home. The siding barrier provides an effective method of reducing mold, mildew and rot from affecting your home’s frame, insulation and other materials.

All American Roofing & Restoration offers an extensive line of services for residential and commercial customers, including the installation of vinyl siding. If you are serious about saving money on your utility bills this winter while also being comfortable within your home, give them a call today to schedule an appointment.

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