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Although modern siding options seem the same on the surface as traditional building siding, technological advances have improved the design and added features adding to the advantages of Siding options which weren’t previously available. In some cases, manufacturing methods have improved the basic materials used to form the sidings, in other situations installation techniques have provided better function on a home or building. Whether you’re building a new house or upgrading an older structure, it is worthwhile to research the options available in today’s construction industry.

Available Siding Options: Modern Metal and Vinyl Siding

Metal and vinyl siding have always been known as an inexpensive way to cover the house and protect it from the elements while looking nice and being easy to maintain. Both sidings have always efficiently filled those goals and remain very common for their sheer practicality. Modern sidings perform even better as they are available with integral insulation as part of their design, or can be installed on top of additional insulation applied to the outside of your building. Either way, the extra insulation will lower your heating and cooling costs and may possibly qualify for a tax break under environmental measures. As part of a modular system, you can choose which design will best suit your needs according to the use of the building and your local weather.

Available Siding Options: Cement Board

Cement board is typically considered a step up from aluminum or vinyl siding. It is a bit more durable, it is an environmentally friendly product, and remains absolutely weather tight when installed correctly. There are a number of style options available to match the various contours of traditional wood siding according to your preference and is available in any typical color you might choose for your building.

Available Siding Options: Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar shakes haven’t really changed much over the years in and of themselves, but new underlay systems and installation techniques have made them more efficient than they once were. New house wrap is far more efficient than the tar paper once used under siding, in that it creates a better barrier between the interior and exterior of a building. This new system provides for better indoor air quality and helps to lower power bills. Further, insulation can be installed if where you live warrants it to provide even more protection. The cedar itself provides a beautiful exterior which will last nearly forever if properly maintained and cared for over the years.

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