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School roof repair projects in MN are no small feats. School roofing repairs often involve a large capital outlay and, due to the age of buildings as well as being exposed to the elements over a large surface, can often involve significant repair and work. So it’s important to understand what goes into such a project even if as an administrator one is not an engineer or the direct foreman on the project.

Unlike a residential home, where the roofing is essentially the top surface of a building neatly applied in tile formation, institutional school roofing is industrial in design and nature and often involves a significant, flat surface area on the top of a multi-structure building. This surface is penetrated by a number of features including HVAC components, exhausts, fans, wiring, routing of wiring, cabling, and in some cases even water storage. As a result, a roof replacement or roofing repair is not a simple matter.

Given the large surface of the building covered, the roofing also needs to be performed in such a way as to seal and secure the upper part of the building and make it waterproof with the appropriate drainage. Think about it this way, pour water into a bucket and then lift it. The mass of the liquid is fairly noticeable by a few pounds. Now take that same amount of surface and multiply it across the surface of a roof. If there is no sufficient drainage in the design, the water will eventually cause the roof to collapse inward at its weakest points. Most roofing is designed with a dead load in mind, i.e. a safety capacity to hold up under before the structure falls apart. That doesn’t necessarily account for everything mother nature can throw at a structure.

Take a different example instead: snow.

Snow is fairly fluffy and lightweight until it compacts and becomes dense. Industrial roofing on schools is particularly susceptible to such weight problems in the winter season unless the roofing is designed with appropriate melting tools that heat up the snow, cause it to melt, and then run off to drainage points.

Of course, no one ever wants to see a roof weakness or collapse happen at a school, especially with kids and people inside. So workmanship professionalism and training are key to a quality project being completed the right way, with the right materials, and up to the right standards. Not all roofing companies are alike. While state standards and regulations definitely require licensing and bonding, less than stellar roofing companies can try to low bid projects just to get the work and cash flow. Then they deliver a poor product or, worse, they cut out and disappear in the middle of the project after receiving a portion of the payment.

For school administrators and contract officers working to make sure they receive viable bids from quality companies, it’s important to make sure that roofing contracts and projects are not put together with just a low bid in mind alone. Secondary bid review filters and requirements of review can include such elements as the experience of the technicians, licensing and bonding evidence, proof of insurance, use of specific materials and methods, submission of referrals, and even past projects performed for review. Quality school roofing companies and contractors who know their work and value their reputation will not have a problem meeting such bid requirements and will be happy to oblige, knowing they uphold industry standards for quality work.

In Conclusion

So when your institution deems it necessary to consider a need for roofing companies MN and roofing contractors MN, make sure to cover all the homework bases first. Quality companies and contractors will take the time to point out what criteria to look for and won’t be irritated by questions for knowledge. Contracting blind is just a fast way to end up with a bad school roof and a financial mess.

All American Restoration is a Professional, commercial & school roofing contractor in Minnesota. They provide repair and installation for all of Minnesota specializing in schools and other large complex installations with flat, rubber, BUR roofs, or Tile Roof. If you want your school roofing project done on time and on budget – Contact All American Restoration of Golden Valley, Mn. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you know you’re working with a high-class, trustworthy company.

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