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As spring approaches, you put away winter decorations and prepare for summer. You clean the house, do spring cleaning getting ready for entertaining guests, or else simply assuring the house stays nice for you and your family. But how do you feel about the outside of your house? It’s the first thing you see upon returning home and the last thing you see when leaving; it deserves as much attention as the interior and the lawn receive.

Home Exterior Inspection

A thorough visual inspection from roof to ground is the best way to decide what the outside of your home needs. The roof needs to be checked for missing shingles and compromised sealants around the chimney and exhaust vents. The walls should be inspected for missing or loose siding, along with any fading or damage which may have occurred during the winter weather.

When to Repair or Replace Roofing

Roofing always needs to be repaired as damage occurs. The roof is designed to work as a system with each layer protecting the next. Part of the design is to be redundant so damage doesn’t immediately cause water to run inside the house, but it’s only built in as a temporary solution until proper repairs can be conducted.

Roof replacement is required after a certain time when the roof is simply worn out from exposure. As the need for repairs becomes more common, or when there are multiple leaks, you’ll know it may be more efficient to have the entire roof replaced than to continue having it repaired. Consider the options available in materials, colors and textures to imagine how the new roof can change the appearance of your home.

When to Repair or Replace Siding

Siding, like roofing, will last for years if properly cared for. It does need occasional repair as storms and temperature extremes can cause damage over time. Whether cement board, vinyl, metal, or cedar, siding can and will get chipped or dented over time and have pieces that fall off the house. Repairs can typically be made when such damage is the direct result of a storm or single event. Spring cleaning is necessary

You may consider replacing the siding when repairs become too extensive to be reasonable, or when it has aged beyond looking nice. Another situation to consider new siding is if you like the house other than the siding, or perhaps bought the house at a bargain price and want to upgrade.

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