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The roof of your home is often overlooked because it’s out of sight and mind, but unfortunately it’s also one of the most important aspects of your home in order to prevent more expensive roof repairs. Spring and summer storms can likely cause damage that will become exaggerated quickly when the winter weather hits. Fall is typically a good season to conduct a roof inspection and conduct any recommended repairs before further damage is allowed to happen. If there is extensive damage, it may also be time to consider a new roof or an upgrade.

Winter Preparation

Although your roof was designed to handle the rough weather associated with winter, it was designed to do so with a complete design. If shingles are damaged from spring hail storms or missing because of summer thunderstorms, the roof can’t function properly. Once a portion of roof has been compromised it allows for more damage to happen much faster. It’s important to assure each layer of the roof system is intact as you enter winter to avoid worse repairs later.

Winter Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance is always the last option and this concept holds especially true with your roof. A professional roofing contractor can of course conduct repairs during the winter, but they are more difficult and expensive in cold weather. Traditional roofing materials are designed to be installed in warm weather so the tar sealants can be soft and help glue the materials together, and shingles become brittle in the cold making them more difficult to work with.

Repair or Replace?

Roofs are designed to accommodate repairs during their natural lifetime, but eventually they do wear out and have to be completely replaced. Consider the extent of damage that needs immediate repair and the frequency of recent repairs to decide if it may be time to replace the entire roof. You may also want to think about some of the different designs available if you’d like to upgrade your home or change the exterior aesthetic. Metal roofing systems or real wood shingles are common upgrades that both look nice and function well. If you prefer traditional asphalt shingles you may want to consider a different color, style or higher quality than what is currently on your house.

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