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Severe weather in Minneapolis includes tornadoes, hail, lightning, high winds, and heavy rains. When conditions are just right, either one of these storms can create problems for your home. Tornadoes can rip through your home and hail can leave you with damaged siding. If you experience weather-related damage, it’s essential that you act quickly to remedy the situation. The following are some steps you should take to ensure you and your family can return to your home following storm damage.

Tip #1 Ensure You and Your Family Are Safe

Although it’s important to assess the damage to your home, it’s important that you put safety first. Before you enter your home, you have to make sure it’s been checked by a professional, and they’ve given you’re the green light to enter your home.

Tip # 2 Assess the Damage

After you have the green light to enter your home, you should start by assessing the damage. You should document everything that is damaged in your home. Document everything includes noting personal belongings that may be missing due to heavy winds. Once you are done, you can present a list of items to your insurance company so that they can begin the process of filing a claim for you.

Tip #3  Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance

You should contact your homeowner’s insurance before making plans to enter your home. Your home insurance company will assess the damage and coordinate the services you need to get your home repairs. In most cases, your insurance company will contact us at All American Restoration to begin renovating your home.

Tip #4. Communicate with Your Home Restoration Company

At All American Roofing and Restoration, we value communication. By remaining in constant communication, we can complete the work on your home, and you can begin the process of moving back in. With a goal to rebuild your home back to its former glory, we need to have your input on certain aspects of your home restoration project. You should make every effort to return calls and make swift decisions about project progress so that your home can be restored quickly.

After storm damage, the last thing you want to do is work through the process of getting your home repaired. Although it’s frustrating, it’s necessary. However, by following the tips prescribed, you will be back in your home in a matter of no time.

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