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Hail season can be a nightmare for homeowners causing hail damage to your roof. Beyond hail being a physical threat to yourself and animals; hail can, damage roofs, break windows, and damage vinyl siding. If you experience hail damage, knowing what to do after the storm will help you restore your homes hail damaged roof.

Contact Your Home Insurance Company Immediately if You Have Hail Damage to Your Roof

In many cases, your home insurance company covers damage to your home, including damage from hail swaths that leave your home battered. Once you file a claim, your insurance company will come out and estimate the damage. They will put you in contact with one of their preferred contractors to ensure that your home is repaired.

Don’t simply assume contractors who work with your insurance company are the best option. You can research contracting companies, and if you determine you aren’t comfortable with a company doing the work, you can hire another company. Look for important signs that the contractor can do the work, including online reviews and testimonials from other local residents.

Work with One Qualified Professional to Restore Your Home

Following a hailstorm, you may sustain different types of damage to your home. As such, it can be a bother negotiating repairs with various contractors. Instead of working with many different contractors, we recommend you work with one, such as our team here at All American Restoration.

At All American Roofing and Restoration, we can help both residential and commercial enterprises with their hail damage. We specialize in repairing and replacing roofs, which means you save money and time by hiring us. Our roofing expertise allows our team to reduce the time it takes to complete your roofing project. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our work. We are a premier local company serving the Twin Cities Metropolitan area for years.

Prepare for Future Hail Damage

After your hail damage repairs are complete, you still have work to do. Handling damage of this magnitude is a rich life experience, which can help you in the future. You must make notes and lessons learned and prepare a safety emergency kit for your family so that you are prepared if you experience another hailstorm. Additionally, you should research roofing materials, siding options, and other materials that strengthen your home and help you avoid hail damage.

There are no problems too big or small when it comes to hail damage at your home. To ensure your home’s exteriors are in tip-top shape following storm damage, we encourage you to call us to give you an estimate.

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