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With the primary focus of our business being roofing, siding, windows, decks, and gutters, All American Roofing and Restoration is experienced not only in the commercial and residential exterior renovation and installation of such products, but in understanding the conditions that can lead to extensive repair or replacement of these outdoor applications. We do not live in an idyllic “space station colony” where temperature, precipitation and other weather might be perfectly controlled to create a perfect environment for its inhabitants. Back on Earth in Minnesota, snow, ice, rain, wind, subzero temperatures and those hitting 100 degrees at times serve to put undue wear and tear on our exterior investments. We do deep roof inspections and provide ideal solutions.

Not all the processes that can degrade your roof are immediately evident. How many of us have taken our seemingly perfect’ vehicle in for a routine maintenance check, only to be presented with a litany of worn ball joints and cracked belts in need of replacement?  But this is why we undergo these preventative analyses – no one wants to find out that a gasket should have been replaced when our engine fails on the Interstate, and it should be no different when it comes to your roof. We get our teeth checked for problems, because once you are experiencing acute dental pain, it is all but too late. Similarly, do not wait till you need a bucket in your living room to catch the water from your leaking roof!

Why You Need a Roof Inspection?

Weather can leave tell-tale signs of gradual erosion on your home’s roofing material that an expert in the trade can easily notice. For instance, when your roof is covered with snow and the air temperature reaches above freezing, it begins to melt. As the day turns into night, temperatures likely drop below freezing again and pools of water will freeze forming “ice dams.” Inevitably, at some point in time such frozen ponds will thaw and the excessive water can seep into compromised areas of the roof, attics and walls. Having the condition of your roof inspections by a professional before the annual Minnesota ice age is just good practice.

Other environmental elements such as hail, severe winds and thunderstorms can erode or even loosen shingles and diminish your roof’s ability to keep the weather outside, where it belongs. Our professionals at All American Roofing and Restoration know what to look for, and employ the best, most cost-effective methods for mitigating nature’s debilitating effects on your roof before it leads to an immediate and expensive roofing crisis!

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