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Winter isn’t coming, it is here already. And with winter comes the winter storms and potential storm damage to the roof of your home. Weight of snow or ice along with sleet and freezing rain can cause damage to your roof, but with insurance and a good relationship with a local professional contractor it doesn’t have to be a heartbreaker. Roof damage may be a nuisance, but doesn’t have to be a problem if you are prepared and know how to deal with it.

Typical Storm Damage

The most typical storm damage you’ll likely notice is a shingle blown off your roof. Some of the damage you may not recognize is when roofing tars and sealants are compromised by winter weather. By their very nature, roofing materials are hardy and resistant to winter weather conditions, unfortunately, winter storms of ice and snow happen by their nature when weather is under freezing limits, making the materials frozen and brittle. The acclimation of such conditions leads to roof damage which can be repaired fairly easily if addressed quickly before leading to more problems.

Roof Inspection

The roof inspection is one of the best tools available to prevent extensive damage to your home. A qualified roofing contractor can find and repair problems before they happen, or assure you the roof is okay after the last storm and ready for the next one. Roofing inspections only work if they are done routinely throughout the year in order to find problems as they occur and prevent problems before they happen. The roof inspections offer yet more advantage by allowing you to maintain a professional relationship with a contractor you know and trust.

Selecting a Contractor

You already know the general rules of selecting a contractor. Use word-of-mouth, listen to recommendations from friends, check the potential contractor’s references, get three bids, repeat again until you find a contractor you like. You can also trust your instincts. If the contractor placing a bid seems trustworthy, he is. If he has a reputation for doing great work in the community, he does and will for you too. Once you’ve found a good contractor, you’ll want to maintain a good relationship with the company so you know who to call when there is potential storm damage on your roof and you don’t have time to vet several potentially great contractors to conduct the repairs.

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