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After the huge storm that swept through Minneapolis last June, our city’s roofs saw a lot of damage. Some of that damage was easily noticeable. When a tree branch lands on your house, for example, there’s no mistaking that you’ll need help from a professional contractor. Some of the damage was more subtle, though, and some homeowners didn’t realize that they had roof damage until a few weeks later. After any major storm, you should get a roof inspection to make sure that your home doesn’t face lasting damage. A professional service will be your best bet.

You Might Not Catch All the Damage

Like we already mentioned, some Minneapolis homeowners didn’t notice that they had a problem until it turned into major damage. It’s always a good idea to glance over your roof after a storm if you happen to own a pair of binoculars, but a more thorough professional roof inspection can reveal damage that you might otherwise miss. Small, hidden damage can cause big problems over time if you don’t get them fixed as soon as possible. For example, missing shingles can leave your ceilings unprotected, leading to mold and mildew.

Protect Your Own Safety

You may be tempted to grab your own ladder and perform your own roof inspection. Resist the temptation. After a storm, your roof will have more slippery surfaces than usual. You have a high risk of falling off the roof or even your ladder. Even though the best roofers can make the job look easy, they have the training and experience to prepare themselves for post-storm roof conditions. Protect your own safety by letting the professionals perform the roof inspection.

Get Help With Your Insurance Claim

You can’t file an insurance claim unless you have clear, documented evidence of the storm damage. Professional roofers will know exactly what to look for. They’ll search for specific types of damage and then help you report the information back to your insurance company. If you do have roof damage, the professional assessment shows the insurance company that you have good reason to file a claim.

Roof Inspection With All American Restoration

Do you need a roof inspection after the Minneapolis storms? Let All American Restoration handle it. At All American Restoration, we care about the Minneapolis community, and when our community members have roof damage, we want to find and fix it. We’ll treat your home with respect and care. If you’d like for us to check for post-storm damage, get your free quote now.