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No, we are not edging into the obliterating field of storm chaser. We’d prefer to keep the experience of massive storms and natural phenomenon to videos on YouTube. What we are interested in is maintaining our high caliber of customer service and the outstanding quality that we have been providing to customers for decades.

We have a quandary of sorts.

Storm Chaser Construction

Roof in need of repair.

This is what happens…

Several months or even seasons following a large storm we receive calls about home repairs. While we are always thrilled when new customers find us, we are not particularly thrilled with the circumstances by which this group of clients needs our services. The problem is this. We are called out to fix the repairs of a company that passed through and is now gone. The problem is an ethical problem. We feel that the customer has been taken advantage of by the company that made the original repair. In many of these instances, the client is looking at an out of pocket expense and not a repair that is covered by their insurance policy.

The companies in question are the “Storm Chaser” companies that follow bad weather. They take advantage of the situation and the homeowner. They leave in their wake a mess of poorly repaired buildings that end up costing the homeowner more money. These are not ethical operations. They may be commercial roofers, but in many cases they are not providing professional grade services. Their supplies are cheap. Their workers are sub-par, and they are providing a very low caliber of customer satisfaction. They offer low rates that seem like an outstanding deal at the time. You get your home repaired for a fraction of the cost and for a few months or even a year or two you are happy. Then the problems start.

Water damage, leaks, drafts and other construction issues begin to appear. Don’t fall for the super low price because you get that for which you pay. In this case, you are going to have to pay twice.

The perks of Locally Owned

Whether we are talking about commercial roof repair or residential projects, there are substantial reasons to choose a local company. Professional roofers from your local Minneapolis roofing company are vested in your community. We live here. We shop here. Also, we run into our customers all over town. All American Restoration is part of the community that we serve. It is to our best interest always to do the best job possible. That is why out of all the Minneapolis roofers we won the 2013-2014 Torch Award recipient for Ethics.

Roofing Minneapolis businesses and homes is what we love to do. When we caution readers about choosing a local company and avoiding those transient companies, it is because we care. It is not easy to have to charge someone again for work that should have lasted ten years. That is the problem that we face when we are called out to a home or business where storm chasers have worked. Have a look on Storm Chaser.

Avoid Paying Twice. When choosing a company to do repairs on your roof think about what we have said here. Focus on the following:

– Who do you call if there are problems?
– What kind of guarantee do they offer?
– Is that guarantee enforceable? Are there lots of ways for a company to get out of honoring their warranty?
– What is the time frame for workmanship? Is it 30 days, five years, or longer?
– Is the company you are choosing local?
– Have you checked the company out with the Better Business Bureau?

All of these considerations will help you discover the quality of the companies available to help fix your roof. It is not a wise investment to pay twice for what should have been a single job.

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