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Storm Damage to Pitched and Flat Roofs

Pitched and flat roofs each have their advantages and disadvantages when compared one against the other, but the bottom line is that either one is going to be rugged and durable, designed to the needs of your home or building and the typical weather you’re exposed to. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best of plans can fail and a storm damage can impact your roof. The good news is architects understand this concept and design the roof so a contractor can make standard repairs fairy efficiently when storm damage occurs.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a particular concern for pitched roofs in the northern parts of America. Basically, either the gutter is out of alignment and retains water, which freezes, or else it’s simply so cold the water freezes before fully draining. Once the water turns to ice, it interrupts the normal flow, thereby allowing more water to freeze on top of it. In a worst case scenario, the water freezes to the edge of your roof, but heat rising from your house prevent it from freezing further. The design of your roof channels water runoff, but if water stands instead, it will seep under the shingles and eventually leak into your attic. This moisture will cause mold and rot to develop within the structure.

Hail Damage to Metal or Shingled Roofs

Although it can in some cases, hail doesn’t typically cause structural damage to a roof. It will put dents and dings into shingles and especially metal roofs, which detracts from the cosmetic appeal of the building. On occasion a hailstone might hit a vulnerable area, maybe the sealant between a chimney or vent and the roof, and the winds associated with a hail storm can certainly remove shingles, but those damages are easily repaired if you conduct regular roof inspections and address the need promptly.

Flat Roof Considerations

Flat roofs function differently than pitched roofs and designed with inherent strength due to their function. This strength allows them to hold snow and ice until it melts, and also accommodates some pooling of water before it slowly drains. Flat roofs do require regular maintenance and an annual inspection. The vent pipes for plumbing and exhaust fans have to be resealed fairly regularly, and the gravel has to be re-spread and evened out from time to time. Like a pitched roof, the flat roof will serve your needs as long as you take proper care of it.

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