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It has been quite a winter in Minnesota, and it is not over yet. No matter the time of the year, storm damage to the structure of the home, or damage that allows the elements in can make a home inhabitable if it is not dealt with in time. If you are in need of storm damage repair in Minneapolis, All American Restoration can fix your roof damage good as new quickly.

Do Not Put Off Your Home Owners Insurance Claim After a Storm

Minnesota is not known for the mild climate. High winds, hail, tornadoes, ice storms, are just some of the weather extremes that cause water and structural damage to homes. When a home is damaged from the elements, water and ice are able to enter causing a whole new set of problems. If your Minneapolis home needs storm damage repair, file the insurance claim early so you receive compensation faster, and can fix the problems before they escalate. The first thing you should do after making sure your family is safe after storm damage, is take pictures for the insurance company, then call them. After the phone call has been made to start your home owners insurance claim, and the pictures have been taken for documentation, choose a trusted restoration company and set up an appointment to get back to normal.

We can help you with your insurance claim.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you do not have to go with the restoration company that your insurance recommends. Keep in mind that the insurance companies’ relationship with a particular contractor may or may not be beneficial to you. You know the businesses in your area, and who you can trust to repair your home after a storm.

All America Restoration LLC has been in business in the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro area for years. We have won the Better Business Bureau 2013 Torch Award for Ethics. If you are looking for the best roofing contractors MN, look no further. We know that our future is based on relationships we have with today’s customers, and we make sure every single customer gets VIP treatment.

Services We Offer:

Roofing (residential, commercial repairs or installations)

Siding (cement board, vinyl, metal, cedar, gutters, soffits, fascia)

Windows and Doors (repairs, installation, replacement)

Disaster Restoration (hail, storm, flood, ice, wind)

Home Handyman Repairs (decks, screens, shutters, painting)

We provide quality service at any time of the year. And we recognize that the roof protects the entire house, so it should receive fast emergency treatment after storm damage. After all your home is your greatest asset, protecting the ones you love.

The weather in Minnesota is very different than the most of the country, and the people here know better than to respond to a hole in a roof with the blue tarps you see on the news reports of southern states. After all, there is nothing worse than freezing because you did not fix a draft, or having serious structural damage because of water that leaked in the roof, then froze and melted again.

According to, ice storms cause more damage than most storms because of the increased weight of the ice on tree limbs and roof tops compared to water that slides right off. We know in the north that ice damage to a roof is nothing to ignore, and fast repairs can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Call today for household repairs, or fast storm damage restoration. We know how important it is to fix damages fast, and right the first time to protect your greatest asset.

Contact us for a storm damage repair consultation and quote at (763) 546-9655 or (763) 546-9655.

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