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A leak in your home’s roof is always important to fix as soon as possible. The leak is an inconvenience and distraction unless it’s so small you aren’t aware of it, but it’s going to cause more damage and further expenses the longer you allow it to remain. It’s important to conduct regular inspections along with routine roofing preventative maintenance and repairs because some living arrangements simply don’t allow you to wait until a roof leak becomes a problem before you fix it.

Assisted Living Facilities

The idea of assisted living typically calls to mind a building in which elderly people live, but it can also apply to housing for people with mental illness or physical disabilities. Regardless of the reason, people who need assisted living are generally more susceptible to the health detriments of a roof leak. Mold growth caused by the moisture which accumulates in an attic space isn’t good for a healthy person and is potentially dangerous to a person with health conditions already being treated. A compromise in the quality of conditioned air or a simple draft can cause further problems.

Student Housing

Students tend to be young and healthy, so a roof leak presents a different set of problems than for the elderly. However, students need to study and can’t do so with the distraction of a roof leak. Weekly quizzes and regular homework assignments are difficult enough without the worry of a roof leak. Mid-terms, final exams, and thesis papers are all nearly impossible to prepare for with such a distraction.

Condominiums and Shared Roofs

Condominiums require preventative roof maintenance for a different set of reasons. When you own a portion of a building shared with other families, the roof has to be kept at a level suitable to everybody’s expectations. Situations vary as to whether you’re responsible for the roof over your portion of the building, you and your neighbor are equally responsible for the roof you share, or a homeowner’s association takes care of the roof. Regardless, it’s up to you to be aware of what’s going on above your head and let whoever needs to know when you see a potential problem.

A roof leak is always a problem which needs to be addressed immediately, but in some cases it needs to be taken care of before a problem arises. A commercial roof for multiple residents always needs routine inspections and maintenance along with a plan for replacement before problems arise. So roofing preventative maintenance is necessary.

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