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Building exteriors are designed to withstand the elements and weather according to the specific locality, and yet part of the design requires ongoing maintenance along with eventual replacement. Typically, siding and roofing performs their structural functions long after they are ruined cosmetically. The best plan toward keeping your building beautiful and functional is to refresh the exterior when it needs cosmetic upgrades, which typically happens shortly before further damage occurs due to a functional failure in the materials used to build the outside of the structure.

The Benefits of Various Siding Styles

When it becomes necessary to recover the outside of your building, several options are available and each presents distinct benefits. Metal siding is relatively inexpensive to install and performs its job of providing a rugged first layer of protection for your walls. Vinyl siding has become a modular standard because it is easy to install while requiring little maintenance, variations of styles can give the building a distinct look appropriate for the neighborhood, and options are available to add additional insulation as needed. Cement board can also add insulation value to the building with a rugged durability. Cedar shakes are often overlooked because they are associated with ongoing maintenance, yet are durable enough to last a lifetime while providing a classic look of elegance to the building.

Sustainable Roofing Solutions

Roofing systems are more subtle than the siding but also add appeal and value to the building when well planned according to the building design and properly maintained over the years. Flat roofs designed for either commercial or residential buildings provide sustainability through their very design which will last, in practical terms to the layman, forever if properly maintained. Pitched roofs are well served with a covering of traditional asphalt shingles although newer styles are available as more eco-friendly long term solutions. Metal roofing styles are exceptionally efficient as to their long life before need of replacement, benefits to the building exterior while in use, and ability to be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The outside of your building presents a curb appeal to your guests and maintains the value of the structure. More importantly, it is a structural aspect which allows for continued use of the building. It is important to your business to properly maintain your building’s exterior throughout the course of its life and replace it when needed.

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