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Now that the snow is starting to melt and spring seems to be right around the corner, it is time for us, as homeowners, to assess the amount of damage this long, hard winter may have had on our homes. From excessive snow to ice dams, many Minneapolis homes suffered roof damage through this difficult season.

I was nearly devastated when I walked out of my home to find an ice dam almost touching the ground off of my garage roof.I was terrified of what it would mean for my roof. When the ice melted, the damage to my shingles was pretty bad, but, thankfully, I have All American Restoration on my side.

From the moment I called All American Restoration, I was confident that my roof was going to be fixed, it was going to be fixed right and it was going to be fixed fast! Their excellent customer service had me absolutely speechless and all of my worries were gone by the time I hung up the phone.

I know absolutely nothing about roofs and, to be honest, I would have been an easy consumer to take advantage. I was convinced that the entire roof would need to be replaced. All American Restoration’s professional contractors explained to me though, that that would not be necessary and that they would simply be able to repair the damage and have me on my way!

Damages from the Long Winter at last repaired!

All American Restoration truly cares about their customers, no their pocketbooks. They are in the business of Minneapolis roof repair because it is what they are passionate about, not because they think they can make a quick buck from it. All American Restoration is the Minneapolis roofing company with integrity and honest—qualities that are all too uncommon in today’s business world.

All American Restoration’s Minneapolis shingle replacement is the most cost effective way to fix the damage caused by winter and ice dams, without compromising the quality of your roof. Trust All American Restoration to repair your Minneapolis roof quickly and effectively so you can start moving on from this brutal winter.

You cannot beat the professionalism provided by All American Restoration. They truly are subject matter experts on all things roofing. There is no logical reason for All American Restoration not to be your Minneapolis roofing company. No matter the issue, they will effectively identify and fix the problem so that you can stop worrying and start enjoying the spring!

It was a long and hard winter, we all deserve this spring, do not let roof damage hold you back from enjoying it to the fullest extent. I could not be happier with the shingle replacement job that All American Restoration completed for me and would recommend them to anybody. Ice dams and other damage caused by winter can threaten the integrity of your home if left unattended. Save yourself some money in the long run with some preventative shingle replacement on your Minneapolis home, today!

Preventative shingle replacement

Sometimes, shingle replacement is not all that your roof needs. All American Restoration’s professional staff thoroughly assesses the damage and repairs the roof in whatever way is necessary to prevent future issues for you and your family.

I am so glad that I chose All American Restoration to repair the damage to my roof caused by an ice dam. Their customer service was fantastic, their roofers were professional and efficient and they did a beautiful job in repairing my roof in a timely yet effective manner. I recommend All American Restoration for all of your Minneapolis roof repair needs!

All American Restoration is my Minneapolis roofing company. Who is yours? Contact All American Restoration today to find out how they can help you and your family recover from this difficult winter.

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