One of the key problems people face when it comes to roofing is the damage this gets over time due to exposure to extreme weather conditions and heat. UV rays and the heat of the sun can easily shorten the lifespan of your roof sheets, unless of course if these are made to withstand such environs. This is where GAF Roofing EverGuard Extreme TPO comes in.

With EverGuard Extreme, you get the most durable and most long-lasting TPO roofing membranes available today. These GAF roofing systems are ideal for both commercial and residential projects that have low sloped and flat roofing. With the durability of this particular roofing solution, you will find that not only do you have a roof that can last for years and years, but you also have one that comes with a product guarantee.

EverGuard Extreme GAF Roofing 101

The EverGuard Extreme has been tested against the elements to see how this will fare in the conditions that roofs are subjected to. As a result of these UV weathering tests, it has been found that this particular TPO membrane lasts longer than others similar to it in the market today. Tests were also conducted using high heat to simulate the constant exposure roofs get to direct sunlight, and like the UV weathering tests, this particular TPO membrane from GAF actually outperformed the competition by a wide margin.

These membranes were even subjected to very extreme and tortuous conditions using the UAWS or Ultra Accelerated Weathering System. Results from this particular test showed that the membrane can last 265 days under such punishing conditions. When converted to actual usage and survivability, this means that the EverGuard Extreme GAF roofing membrane can actually survive 45 years in really harsh climate similar to that found in Southern Florida. This also means that if this membrane is used in climes that are more forgiving than the one it was tested for, it will definitely last longer.

Why you should consider it…

When you decide to use TPO Extreme for your apartment roofing or commercial roofing needs, you are essentially getting a protective coating that can last for decades. This particular product comes in various thicknesses, lengths and widths to ensure that all your roofing requirements are met. All you need to do to ensure that your roofing membrane does last is to make sure that roof installation is done by a qualified roofer in your area. Having your roofing installed by someone who knows what they are doing and can install your GAF roofing properly is essential to its longevity and proper usage.

For proper installation, and for your roofs and membranes to last longer, you should always follow the recommended applications of such roofing materials. For the EverGuard Extreme GAF roofing membrane, it is ideal that all 5 layers placed on top of the approved roof deck of your building or home be installed is proper succession. This will ensure that your roofing will not only last for decades but also effectively keep out heat and cold when needed.

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