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If you have a building with a flat roof, you probably already understand the need for regular inspections and maintenance to keep the roof functioning efficiently. You want to catch potential leaks before they become a problem which leads to further damage throughout the building. Spring is typically a good time to set a routine schedule to keep your roof properly maintained.

Annual Inspection

Annual inspections are a necessity for the flat roof as a preventative step to catch problems before they become a problem.  Spring is a good time to schedule your annual inspection so you can find and repair any damage caused by the winter storms. Whether there’s an actual hole in the roof, if gravel needs to be replaced, or the seals around exhaust vents have been compromised, an inspection can find the problem and recommend a solution. The idea is to for you to fix it rather than make structural roof repairs inside the building due to a roof leak.

Winter Storm Damage

Typical storm damage occurs after snow and ice storms along with the stress of repeated freezing and thawing. Particularly bad are the days not quite warm enough to thaw existing ice but not cold enough to freeze rain as it comes down. The ice blocks the water from properly draining as the roof was designed for it to do, therefore forming pools of standing water on the roof. As the water stands, it has a chance to seep through any small leaks from which it would typically flow by, and as a little water finds its way through the leak will only become bigger.

Typical Maintenance

Typical maintenance involves a few steps. First is to identify any small leaks which may have formed and seal them before they cause a problem. Second is to inspect the seals around chimneys and exhaust vents as they tend to be a weak spot in the roof. The seals become brittle and cracked over time and need to be resealed to maintain their integrity. Finally, the gravel typically needs to be re-spread and evened out as the freezing and thawing along with the movement of ice over the roof through the winter can leave it piled up in places and missing in others. These steps assure the roof stays in pristine condition, ready for the change in seasons and accompanying weather throughout the following year.

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