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Conserving energy within the home means paying lower heating and cooling bills as well as feeling comfortable in a consistently temperate environment. Many homeowners do not realize how much leaky windows cost them even if the leak seems inconsequential. In fact, government research into how much ill-fitting windows cost a homeowner in annual energy bills found that homeowners can potentially save nearly 20 percent on energy bills each month by repairing or replacing windows that allow heat or cold to escape through bad seals, rotting frames, or windows that were unprofessionally installed.

Energy Efficient Doors

In addition to leaky windows, doors represent another component of energy conservation within the home that often gets neglected. Old, wood doors that have shrunk and warped over the years often fail to seal a doorway properly, allowing huge amounts of heat to escape the home during winter. Energy-efficient doors such as fiberglass doors do not crack or shrink like wood doors and provide consistent prevention of energy loss.

Fix your Leaky Roof!

Damaged roofs not only permit moisture to seep into a home’s interior but also facilitate massive heat loss that can further destroy the integrity of leaky windows and doors. Because heated molecules are lighter than cold molecules, they tend to keep rising in the atmosphere until a solid object stops them. However, when a roof has numerous holes, missing shingles, and other compromises, these heat molecules are permitted to continue rising through a faulty roof without anything to stop them.

The cost of neglecting to fix your leaky roof, windows, and doors not only increases the amount of year-round energy bills but may also result in long-term damage to your home that could require extensive structural and foundational repairs.

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