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Many people love to get hands-on and do work around the home.  DIY projects can be a lot of fun and allow you to use your creativity and customize your home.  While some projects are easy enough to undertake as DIY projects, however, some projects are riddled with DIY Home Repair Mistakes and require the expertise of professionals who specialize in remodeling Minneapolis residents’ homes.

Many projects that involve changing the look of things around your home can easily be DIY projects.  Projects that change your home structures and sizes will almost always have a building regulation code.


Home improvement projects often require permits to be filed and approved. The permits have fees and a great deal of history to prevent accidents and potential bad craftsmanship.  You may not like the permit process, but the permits are for your own protection and for the proper completion of your task. Many insurance companies will not cover projects that lack the required permits. Contact All American Restoration, or your local city, to find out if your desired project requires specific permits.

Projects require tools, materials, and can require help

While DIY does mean do-it-yourself, you might need a hand to complete your project. Family and friends are often your resources for an extra set of hands. You should also make sure that all the equipment you need for your project is ready and in good condition. You will also need to ensure that all needed materials have been gathered or will be available as needed.

Cutting corners on materials can end up costing you

A 5/8 inch drywall can never be substituted by a 1/4inch drywall; a 1/2 inch nail is not the same as a 1-inch nail. Buying substandard or inadequate materials might save you a little money upfront, but cutting these corners could result in a failed inspection or worse. Many homes that were built with substandard materials require substantial renovations in the following years.

Not putting a premium on safety

Ensuring a safe project environment is important. Protective gear should always be included in the list of items you buy once you have your repair and renovation plans in place.  Always have eye protection, hearing protection, and face masks on hand.

A do-it-yourself project can be a lot of fun, but there are many DIY Home Repair mistakes that can cost you.  Feel free to Contact All American Restoration if your project needs a skilled helping hand.

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