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Your roof is designed and built to withstand the roughest of weather conditions, including winter snow and sleet as well as summertime thunderstorms and hail. With that said, you need an occasional roof maintenance work to assure it continues to do its job as your roof take a beating. Rather than waiting to notice a few missing shingles, you can prevent further damage to your home with an annual roof inspection to stop problems before they happen and decide for annual roof maintenance.

Debris Removal

Especially important if you live on a wooded lot or even have an overhanging shade tree, debris buildup needs to be removed from the roof. Sticks and leaves are rough on the shingles and can cause them to wear down prematurely. Along with wind, debris can cause damage by getting underneath shingles and interrupting the overlap design and continuity of the system. Although the typical homeowner can remove debris themselves, a professional roofing contractor can conduct an inspection while on the roof and search for other concerns as to the roof’s integrity.

Moss and Mold

Removing moss and mold is another fairly simple job, conducted with a pressure washer. Moss and mold leads to pollen drifting down into the yard, irritating allergies and causing a general mess. Again, removing it allows a professional the chance to inspect for other problems. The cleaning also restores your home to its original beauty and makes the home look well cared for.

Flashing Inspection

The flashing around chimneys, sunlight and exhaust pipes extruding through the roof is often the first aspect of a roof to fail. The flashing itself wears down if not properly maintained with a fresh coat of roofing tar from time to time. The tar is meant to be a soft and replaceable first line against the weather, but over time dries out and becomes brittle. At that point, it chips and cracks easily, allowing rainwater through and possibly damaging the flashing or surrounding shingles. It needs touching up on occasion to assure it can continue to function according to the original design.
Annual Roof Maintenance concerns are thoroughly discussed,

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