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Save Winter Heating Bills

Winter is coming, the chill is already in the air and fall is displaying her colors and how to save your winter heating bills? Now is the time to consider replacing your roof if last year’s winter resulted in unusually high heating costs, ice dams, or leaks into the attic. Fall and early winter can be a busy time for Minneapolis roofers because no home owner wants to spend another winter cold and worried about a damaged roof. If you have a roofing concern in Minneapolis, All American Restoration can help with any restoration project you have in mind. From shingle repairs to whole roof replacement, we are happy to help restore your home to perfect and sound condition before the cold months arrive.

A New Roof Can Prevent Winter Water Damage and save your winter heating bills

If last winter proved that there are already issues with the existing roof then allowing another season of harsh freezes, snow fall, and ice damage can turn a problem roof into damage that spreads into the walls of your home. A new roof, with raised trusses and plenty of insulation can stop any further damage from occurring in the coming season.
If an ice dam formed on your roof last winter, there may already be damage to the walls and attic of your home. Stopping ice dams before they can form can save you more money on the costs of replacing walls and ceiling materials than the cost of a new roof that would have prevented the problem. If you have a roof insurance claim we work with most insurance companies, and can help make the process simple and straightforward. Take an action now and take our quality services for ultimate satisfaction.

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