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How to prevent roofing damage? When snow melts and runs off the roof in the winter months, it has the tendency to refreeze around the gutters and roof line, thereby trapping water and runoff behind it and preventing snow from adequately draining off of the roof. This is called an “ice dam” and while it may seem harmless, it can cause significant harm to your roof and gutters as well as water damage inside your home.

That’s because when water builds up on the roof without anywhere to go, it can seep into the space in between the shingles, gradually making its way into your house and wreaking further damage – and that’s not even taking into account the ice dam damage that can be wreaked on roof shingles and gutters. When it’s all said and done, the damage from an ice dam can total into the thousands of dollars and occur both inside and outside of your home.

Understanding Prevent Roofing Damage

If you do discover you’ve got an ice dam on your hands, fast, efficient ice dam removal is your best bet to ensure that no roofing or structural damage occurs.
Contact us today for your ice dam removal needs. We’ll be out promptly to resolve the issue and monitor your property for any damage. And if any structural water damage has occurred – we can fix that too. Call All American Restoration, LLC for more information on ice dams and how you can keep your property ice dam-free this winter.

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