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When those warm spring breezes implore you to open your windows and air out your home after a long, shut-in winter, don’t stop at the inside. Your home’s exterior needs some attention, too. Here’s a brief checklist of things to address when undertaking spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning: Checklist

Sweep it away. Start by sweeping porches and walkways. The same goes for your welcome mat. A quick sweep will push the accumulated debris of winter out of sight.

Wash. You’ll want to clean your siding, wash your deck, and do any brickwork. Use this as an opportunity to inspect the exterior walls of your entire home. If you see signs of damage like splitting wood, peeling paint, or mold, you may wish to give us at All American Restoration a call.

Keep washing. Start your window cleaning on the outside. This way you’ll be able to fully appreciate how clean they look once you tackle the inside. But first, clean those screens. Remove screens and wash them with soapy water and a brush. Then start on the glass. You’ll thank yourself once you’re done.

Gutters. Slap on some gloves and clean those gutters. This is one of the least glamorous of these workman tasks, but it’s perhaps the most important. After all, you certainly don’t want water damage to your house.

Clean out your gutters by hand, or with a gutter scoop. Remember that if you see a lot of granules from the shingles you should call a professional roofing company to advise you on how to best protect your home.

Yard. Then work on the yard. You’ll want to weed, apply fertilizer, and rake up all the sad, old leaves leftover from last fall. Then you’ll be left with a clean canvas from which to paint your summer colors.

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