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If you’ve ever had to deal with roof leaks at your home, you understand just how frustrating they can be. By the time you realize there’s a leak, your house has likely suffered further damage in the form of rot or mold in the attic along with water damageto drywall. Regular inspections are the best way to prevent such damage but looking back at what you could have done isn’t very comforting. More important is to address the problem as efficiently as possible to avoid more problems in the future. The first consideration is whether to repair the leak or replace the entire roof.

Single Leak

Single leaks can typically be repaired once found, and a single leak is not usually very difficult to trace to its source. Such a repair is typically going to involve using roofing tar to reseal around a ventilation pipe or chimney, or in some cases may require replacing one or more shingles. A bit trickier may be the replacement of missing nails or sealing nails which have become loosened to allow water in.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can often lead to multiple leaks, whether because of wind removing shingles or hail and ice damaging flashing or pipe boots along with the tar sealant around them. Multiple leaks may be able to be repaired as several single leaks but unless it was an extremely rare storm it may also be a symptom of a larger problem. When several leaks happen at once from a storm which is typical to your area you may realize it’s time to replace the entire roof to avoid future leaks and the associated further repairs before it becomes extensive, and therefore more expensive, than need be.

Older Roofs and Ongoing Repairs

Additionally, older roofs are known for needing ongoing repairs at least every year if not multiple times throughout the year. It may seem less expensive, and it is in the short term, to keep a close eye on the roof and have spot repairs made as needed, but it makes more sense to go ahead and replace the roof. It eliminates the chance of missing a potential leak and having further repair costs, it allows the roofing contractor to come once and do the job properly, and your new roof is going to provide more cosmetic appeal to your home’s exterior.

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