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You may know a great contractor who has performed work at your home before. He always does a great job for great prices, is professional, and you trust his ability to take on jobs large or small to suit your needs. However, repairs after storm damage are different than new construction, additions, or even routine home maintenance jobs. There are nuances to the types of damage both cosmetic and hidden that can be caused by storms and therefore a contractor who specializes in such work is warranted for storm damage repairs.

Understanding Storm Damage

The nature of storm damage is that it tends to go deeper than what you see on the surface. Take for example, that the storm blew some shingles off your roof. It’s simple enough to find matching shingles to nail back on the roof, but there’s also likely damage to the tar paper underneath and water that has leaked into the attic. If the problems aren’t completely addressed, it will lead to more trouble in the future. The same concept applies should the damage be to siding, fascia board, or exterior moldings. The types of storms that damage your home cause hidden water damage, and a contractor experienced with these problems know what to look for to properly complete the entire repair in one shot.

Completing the Job

Doing the job right the first time is a common phrase among contractors and it holds especially true with storm damage. Storm damage involves water, and water damage tends to be hidden. Having to go back after a cosmetic repair was made involves having to undo the work that was done to reach the hidden damage, then redo the initial repair in addition to the additional repairs. The job is easier if simply “done right” the first time around, and that is why specialists in storm damage are important in making the repairs a storm has caused.


Companies such as All American Roofing and Restoration are available as specialists in making repairs after a storm hits. Keep in touch with the contractor you use for typical repairs, but consider our specialty concerning storm damage. We are professional, courteous, on time, and qualified to work with insurance claims and budgets.

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