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Storm chasers

Storm season is upon us. Chances are that you’ll make it through this and many more seasons without having to worry about storm damage. But summers in Minneapolis and St Paul are capricious affairs, and a damage-inducing tempest could pass through any neighborhood, including yours. And if trees fall and shingles fly, you can be sure that there will be throngs of salespeople looking for your business. Beware the storm chasers.

Storm chasers follow bad weather and descend on a region after a tempest, offering their rebuilding services. Roofers and siders are the most common storm chasers. When they knock on your door, they might seem like a good deal: many offer low prices and a great sales pitch. So what gives?

The quality of this work is almost universally poor. Their supplies are sub-par. Their labor is sub-par. And their guarantees are almost non-existent. Once problems with workmanship begin to appear, these companies will be long gone. With these low prices, you not only get what you pay for with low-rent work, but you may even have to pay another contractor to do the work over again.

How can you determine if a storm restoration company is for you? Use this checklist as a starting point.

This last point is key. When you’re looking at a storm damage restoration company, you should look locally. Professional contractors from the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area are invested in our communities. At All American Restoration, we live here, shop here, eat here, and strive to create great communities. We care. If you’re looking for some help after the storm, give us a call. We think you’ll find us to be fair, honest, and great workers.

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