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Throughout the year, different types of weather come and go causing normal wear and tear to your home and roof. Unfortunately, some years a heavier than usual storm may hit, causing more damage than what the roof was designed for as typical wear. You prepare ahead of time by having insurance, regular roof inspections to assure its integrity, and being aware of what to expect should a storm come through and cause damage.

Typical Storm Damage

The roof was designed and built to withstand a regular storm when properly maintained. When shingles are missing, they need to be replaced and the roofing tar that seals around exhaust pipes and chimneys needs to be replaced on occasion. These routine tasks keep the roof in tiptop shape and give the best chance of surviving a storm when a heavier one hits.

There are a few types of storm damage that occur. Hail can damage shingles and cause them to lose visual appeal while heavy winds can actually remove shingles. Ice dams can develop in some areas during the winter, holding more water in place than should be on the roof since the gutter is not allowed to provide drainage.

Inspection and Job Proposal Bid

After a heavy storm, a roof inspection is recommended to find and fix any damage before it becomes a bigger problem. A reputable roofing contractor will know what to look for and how to efficiently make the repair. Usually the contractor needs to do a visual inspection in person to assess the damage rather than giving a set price based on a phone conversation, but it’s usually a quick process to check for the extent of damage and provide a price quote for the homeowner.

What to Expect from the Insurance Company

The process can get tricky when trying to work with an insurance company. Some storm damage is usually covered, other types aren’t. It depends on the individual policy. The contractor has likely worked with insurance companies in the past and may be able to offer helpful advice. At any rate, a copy of the bid can be turned over for the insurance company’s records.


Maintaining a good relationship with a contractor is important towards making the process easier when the need arises. Have an inspection conducted once a year to stay in touch with a professional and reliable roofing contractor.

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