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Commercial Roofing – Severe Weather and storm damage

Following a major storm event, it can be a good idea to have your roof evaluated for storm damage. Major storms events can cause severe damage. That, however, is not the most dangerous kind of damage that storms cause. It is the smaller damage that goes unnoticed that creates the most damage over time.

A small leak that goes undetected can allow water to seep under the roof. It causes the insulation to become saturated. It can lead to mold. It can cause dry rot, which can lead to major roof repairs.

The key to preventing escalating storm damage to commercial flat roofs is early inspection.

Flat Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair begins after the roof has been evaluated. It is important to identify the exact damage. We use infrared imaging to see the entire roof. Thermal imaging shows every place where water has infiltrated, It is a solution that is fast, and affordable and it offers comprehensive results. It is easy to just seal up leaks, but that method of commercial roof repair just leaves you open to ongoing damage. Our goal is always to prevent ongoing damage from occurring. This would include preventing mold and dry rot from forming.
A quality flat roof is designed to last for decades. When roofing repairs only entail fixing the obvious, it puts the roof at risk of premature replacement. In short, complete repairs help to extend the life of a roof. Complete repairs begin with quality inspections. When you perform quality repairs to roofing for Minneapolis commercial business, it is the owner’s who benefit.

Flat Roof Replacement

GAF Commercial Roof products offer Minneapolis Roofers a quality alternative to standard roofing products. GAF includes:
* BUR – Built-up Roofing such as the GAFGLAS membranes and fire barriers.
* GAF’s single-ply roofing includes products such as EverGuard TPO, Self=Adhered TPO, and EverGuard PVC.
* Other products include specialty roofing products, Modified Bitumen roofing products, and Liquid applied Roofing.

GAF products combine quality and longevity

Whatever the need, GAF has a product that is designed to exceed your expectations. All American Restoration proudly offers GAF products for commercial applications. For the total roof, replacement considers using GAFGLAS as your base sheet. The glass coating is heavier which allows these sheets to stand up to wind.

The composition of GAF shingles works in all kinds of weather. They are insulated against cold and heat and help to protect your building by being able to expand and contract with changing weather conditions. Hail is a primary problem with roofing. GAF products are designed to stand up to hail.

Flat Roof Problems in Minneapolis

Wind, hail, cold, snow, ice, and heat are the main elemental problems that plague flat roof buildings. Commercial roofers that understand these problems can help to repair or replace flat roofing in such a way as to help prevent damage from occurring. The wind is a constant force that is present all year long.

It constantly works at small imperfections in roofing until damage begins. What wind continues to work at is exacerbated by heat and cold. The force of plummeting hail is bad enough, but when combined with strong winds roof damage occurs fairly rapidly.

Poor repairs hurt flat roofs

The real problem; however, is not elemental damage or storm damage. It is poor repairs or damage that goes unnoticed. Even though elemental forces cause damage, if that damage is not repaired then it leads to more extensive repairs and even full commercial roof replacement.

As commercial roofers, we offer advanced roofing diagnostic tools and superior experience. Our infra-red diagnostic tool can show you the total extent of damage to your roof. It is the perfect tool to argue with insurance companies because it clearly shows where water has infiltrated.

Quality Repairs

All American Restoration offers free online estimates. We are staffed by professionals who have experience working on commercial roofing systems. As one of the top Minneapolis Roofers, All American Restoration was honored when we received the Torch Awards for Ethics award for 2013-2014 from the Better Business Bureau. We are also members of the National Roofing Contractors Association and are certified Master Elite Roofing Contractors by GAF.

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