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This is the time of year to get your roof in shape before winter unloads all it has on your home. Our Minneapolis roofers are teams of professionals who have proven their ethical operations in business and customer services. We provide high caliber commercial roof repair at affordable prices. We also go out of our way to make sure you are happy with our services. One of the services that our clients appreciate is that we handle your roof insurance claim. We make it easy for you and for your insurance agent to get insurance claims approved and your roof repaired. All American is a premium service provider.

Flat Roof and Commercial Customers

We have the technology to diagnose your flat roof without taking the roof apart. We use infrared scanners that immediately show every square inch of your roof where water has bypassed your roofing material. Insurance companies cannot argue with this level of evidence. Many other companies have to take your roof apart to find out if there is water damage. They also base their diagnosis on visual damage. Sometimes the damage is not visual. It only takes a small micro-hole to allow water to seep in under your roofing material and cause damage.

All American Restoration Professional roofers rely on our experience in the roofing industry and on technology to fairly evaluate your roof and the potential damages that may exist. Because we use infrared technology as a diagnostic tool, many insurance companies prefer to work with us. We also won the Torch Award for Integrity for 2013-2014. We are an honest company of commercial roofers. Put us to work for you.

We Make Working With Insurance Companies easy

All American Restoration decades of experience roofing Minneapolis businesses has taught us many things. One of those lessons that we have learned is how to deal with insurance companies and the insurance claim process. The biggest hurdle has always been to get approval. That is why we switched from subjective inspections to high-tech inspections. When you use a subjective form of inspection the insurance company can find all kinds of reasons to turn down your claim. It is difficult for an insurance adjuster or agent to argue with physical proof. This is one reason the claims we help with get approved quickly. Insurance companies work on a risk basis.

When you show them the damage and point out to them that waiting to repair this damage is not only going to cost more, but the that the issues involved are likely going to be exacerbated due to additional problems such as mold. Mold is not a made up ploy; it is a real threat when you have wet insulation. The insurance company can see that there is more risk to them if they wait. So they don’t wait. It is far cheaper to repair a roof than it is to repair the roof and deal with mold abatement. The key here is the physical evidence that we provide through infrared technology. Those infrared photographs show in vivid color all of the places where the roof has been damaged and where water has seeped under the roofing material.

There is no argument for that kind of proof.

One of the reason that insurance companies like to work with us. We show them the damage and they can see for themselves what they are facing.

All American Restoration focuses on providing the best roofing service combined with the best customer service. We offer honest estimates and help to handle insurance claims with a high approval rate. Right now is the last window of opportunity to get your commercial roof repaired before winter’s snow and ice make it nearly impossible for roof repairs. If you have concerns about your commercial roof, call us today. We are here to help.

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