Snow Removal


Does this look familiar?

For those of us who live in the Midwest, we are all too familiar with snowstorms and polar vortexes that pile on the snow like mad. We can get up 12 inches in just one storm. These pile-ups can lead to several problems. But let’s just talk about your roof.

Structural engineer Todd Fratzel told The Boston Globe it’s a good idea to remove snow that’s 18 inches or more on low-pitch roofs. The bottom layer of the snow on the roof is going to melt, go into the gutters and start to freeze. This leads to an ice dam blockage.  The weight of the snow on your roof depends on how fluffy or heavy the snow is. Ice weighs even more!



We use safe practices to prevent damage to your shingles, no metal used.


We will be there when we say we will and will do exactly what we say we’ll do! We are licensed and insured. This is important to protect you as the homeowner. 

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Don’t let this happen to your office!

Get your office complex or commercial building roof cleared off so your roof doesn’t leak. It’s bad for your customers as well as you.

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