Shingle replacement is a necessary part of regular maintenance. Although the signs will vary based on whether the shingles were damaged or need replacement due to natural weathering and aging, it is important to recognize when the roof needs some repairs.
Curling Shingles
A sign of aging or heat damage to shingles is curling. When the shingles start to curl upward at the edges, it is time to get them replaced. The slight upward roll at the corners will worsen over time and is a sign that shingle replacement is necessary.
Buckling Shingles
Buckling is the term used to describe shingles that are showing a wave-like look. The shingles are no longer straight and have a high risk of breaking or falling off during poor weather conditions. It is better to consider shingle replacement before the damage gets worse and leads to leaks.
Broken Shingles
Broken shingles are an obvious sign of damage. Broken shingles can occur in poor weather, hail storms or other conditions. The breaks will show missing corners or similar missing pieces.
Dings on a Gutter
Hail damage is often overlooked until it leads to leaks and severe problems. Before it reaches the point of leaking, it is better to consider shingle replacement. Dings to the gutter that were not there previously are a sign of a hail storm. It also suggests that damage to the roof was possible.
Gravel on the Ground
Deposits of shingle minerals around the down spouts of a house are a sign that the shingles were damaged in a hail storm. It is important to replace the shingles, even if breaks are not obvious.
Shingle replacement is a necessary part of maintaining a home. Although broken shingles are obvious due to the missing pieces, recognizing other signs of problems will prevent the damage from getting worse.

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