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Commercial Cedar Shakes Installation

Commercial Cedar Shakes Installation Minneapolis

Commercial Cedar Shakes Installation Minneapolis provides timeless beauty and a traditional look to any building. Although typically considered for residential housing, there is no reason not to apply the same aesthetic to a commercial building. It can provide a functional roof with plenty of advantages over traditional roofing systems while also making the building look classy and welcoming.

How it Works

As part of a traditional roofing system, cedar shakes worked in tandem with decking slats to provide a breathable roof allowing heat to escape from the attic space. With modern particle board solid roof decking, that function is no longer relevant. However, cedar shakes still form a waterproof surface in conjunction with the roofing paper that protects from the weather elements and rain in particular. With proper maintenance and finishing, cedar shakes can last for years of functional use while providing a distinct appearance that makes the building stand out from the rest.

Advantages of Commercial Cedar Shake Installation

Commercial cedar shake installations provide a number of advantages over other roofing styles. Cedar is naturally resistant to bugs and insects. Keeping bugs out of the attic not only prevents the damage caused by an infestation, but also keeps out larger rodents that may be attracted to the insects as a potential meal. Cedar is also water and rot resistant when compared to other types of wood. In the long term, this can serve to extend the life of the roof and reduce the expense of maintenance and repairs. Finally, cedar shakes simply provide a look that is hard to match with other roofing materials. Cedar shakes are very distinct and shows the owner of the building cares enough to put a bit of extra time and care into the building over other commercial properties, and that impresses people driving by and more importantly, potential clients who expect similar care and attentiveness with their personal business transactions.

Considerations When Using Cedar

Cedar does have a few aspects to consider before installation. Although the advantages pay for themselves in the long term, cedar shakes are likely to be more expensive for the initial install when compared to more common roof styles. They also require maintenance in the form of occasionally applying fresh coats of varnish or sealer. The upside to maintenance is that should damage occur, cedar shakes can be individually replaced as needed without having to conduct major construction repairs.